The first lobster dealer in the United States.

In 1910, two sea captain brothers, Oscar W. and Bert S. Look, began selling groceries, general goods and marine supplies to the townspeople and local fishermen from their wharf on Old House Point, in Jonesport, Maine. Their daily purchases of seafood from the cold waters of the Atlantic included lobster and crab and with time were the desired fare in dining room tables across America, and eventually the world. Now, a fifth-generation business, the Look family carries on this family tradition. The company has spread out along the Maine coast with sites in Addison, Eastport and Portland. 

For general information regarding any sites, please call the Jonesport Office, 207-497-2353. 

Wholesale Lobster, Crab & Octopus

Our graded product feeds into New England and Canadian fish markets and processors.

Bait Sales

Herring bait, sold from our wharf is used in traps between local and Canadian waters.

Marine Services

Lobster bait can be purchased at the wharf's end or loaded onto your truck at our bait shed.

Retail Lobster & Crab

During spring and the beautiful summers, we sell lobster and crab fresh off the wharf.